How to buy in D’annaBy?

  1. Put your favorite products to the bag. Click on the bag.
  2. Sign up to the webpage.
  3. Choose your payment.
  4. Verify your information.
  5. Submit your order.
  6. You will receive an e-mail immediately about your order.
  7. After checking our stocks you will receive another e-mail containing the confirmation of your order and necessary information about the price (always corresponding to the published price on the webpage) and the shipping fee. Also you will receive the necessary information for your payment.
  8. Receiving the whole quantity of the price and the shipping fee, we will send you our products immediately. In the package the bill will be included with some instructions or information about your just purchased products.
  9. Anyhow read carefully our Terms and Conditions chapter.
  10. Prices include taxes required in Hungary.
  11. Enjoy your product!


FAQs    (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why do you have many of your products out of stock?

You know that our products are made by hand and as they are unique, there is only one of each of them (just a very few of them are made in 2-4 examples). It is impossible to reproduce exactly the same item.

However, if you like a model and below you read that it is not available, do not be very sad.

Yes, you can order one, specifying a preferred general color or tone of the fabric, the color of some decoration elements and the color of the metal accessories, like chains, zippers, clasp, etc. . We will check it carefully and we would sell you some pictures about the fabric, or color-set of the item. That way you could decide if you would go ahead with your order or cancel it.

I hope you would like all items suggested to you!!

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